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Timothy Falb

I am always asking, "How can this website work better?" When I bought an online store, the first thing I did was to ask this question from a customer's perspective, adding navigation tools to allow customers easier and quicker access to products.

Then to meet my needs as a business owner—to allow me to ship more quickly and with fewer errors—I designed a backoffice system that pulled in order info, transformed the data, and spit out packing labels and shipping labels.

My goal in providing website support is to make a website work better for both site visitors and site administrators.

Unlike some website consultants, I don't prescribe a certain set of tools for all clients. I start with a client's existing website system, knowledge, and interests, and we go from there.

In my life outside tech, I'm an excellent cook. My specialty is creating delicious flavors with an Instant Pot and homemade bone broth that conforms to a restricted diet. Tomorrow we're having balsamic tomato chicken, and then brined pork chops after that. And there's probably a quick batch (or more!) of microwaved chocolate mug cakes in the works this week.

After spending many years in or near Washington, DC, I got together with my "almost" girlfriend from college. We lived in several western states before heading to Maui in 2019. We go snorkeling as often as we can—swimming with bright tropical fish, turtles, and the occasional ray. Year-round sunshine and flowers in the tropics suit us just fine.