Tim has worked with us on a contract basis as a web developer for more than six years, managing multiple WordPress sites. The fact that we’ve used the same contractor for over six years speaks a lot to how wonderful it is to work with Tim. He works well with staff across our organization.

Tim is absolutely my go-to guy for any and all WordPress and web questions. His impressive technical skills, combined with his heavy-duty customer service talents, make him stand out in his field.

In sum, Tim’s skills (both people and technical) and his problem solving mindset make him a critical asset to our organization’s web presence.

Kristen Perry

Chief Communications Officer


Tim Falb makes the complex look simple—and elegant. I wanted a website that was robust and easy for me to update, something that was fluid and flexible but that wouldn’t require me to learn a ton of coding. Tim created the perfect website—one that meets my needs in all respects. Best of all, Tim made the whole process seamless. He patiently answered my many questions and met every deadline well ahead of schedule. Thank you, Tim!

Linda Tate

Principal, Tate Communications; author of Power in the Blood

Tate Communications

When I got my new author site, I knew I needed a tech doc “on call” to tweak as the need arose. Tim flawlessly added button, scroll, and audio features and helped me formulate and enact further developments. He communicates clearly and, when I’m in a panic, soothes my nerves with his confidence and prompt responses. He’s not only kept the website running smoothly, he’s also improved its functionality and done so under the duress of a book release.

Julene Bair

Author of The Ogallala Road


Tim took the graphic designer’s files and painted them perfectly on the screen, adding each of the bells and whistles exactly where the designer wanted them. He problem-solved tricky features and was easy to work with in the process. Tim is one of the most accommodating and detail-oriented guys on the planet! I should knowhe's my sweetheart.

Priscilla Stuckey

Author of Kissed by a Fox and Tamed by a Bear


Tim Falb and I have collaborated on several client projects using multiple platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, and Shopify. He also handles my websites. Tim is an invaluable resource. He's responsive and reliable, and he understands the demands of small businesses. Tim provides his clients with options to make an educated decision about the strategy that works for their particular needs and budget. Tim also helps clients develop a balanced web strategy by teaching them how to manage the more straightforward aspects of their site and providing support on issues that require more expertise. If you're looking for someone you can trust to help you with the technical aspects of your website at a reasonable price, I recommend hiring Tim.

Jessica Thill



I was referred to Tim by someone who absolutely raved about how wonderful he was. My years working in web development have given me a healthy skepticism when it comes to such claims, but I was intrigued and reached out. Fast-forward several years and many, many projects, and I can say that without a doubt Tim Falb is truly wonderful. He is the consummate professionalproactive, communicative, kind, and always managing to effectively bridge the gap between technical know-how and layperson explanations. We have traversed many a server upgrade, website launch, and everything in between, and there's no one I would rather have in my corner than Tim!

Stephanie Gordon

Owner, Psych'd Marketing