Website Protection

Keeping your website safe by updating software and making backups

Worried about your website getting hacked? Let me keep your website software up-to-date. It's the most critical step in keeping your website safe.

An insecure website is a headache

You think your site is “too small to be a target.” It's not. Hackers don’t care about your content, your traffic, or your number of pages. They are simply on the prowl to gain control of a vulnerable server and to create mischief.

What happens when a website gets hacked? If you're lucky, they just deface it, like replacing your page with a giant promotional image for white supremacy or ISIS. If you're not so lucky, hackers can embed malicious software that can also infect the browsers of people who visit your siteyour customers, people who trust you. Result: downtime, lost clients, expensive repairs, and possible blacklisting by Google.

WordPress Maintenance Subscription

Because so many websites use WordPress, hackers target out-of-date WordPress software and plugins. Their bots can scan your site for old versions with known security issues. If you’re not running the newest versions, your website may be at risk.

Subscribe now to protect your website!

If you have a WordPress site and subscribe to my maintenance service, I handle the software updates, I make regular backups, and I fix minor problems caused by updates.

Other than WordPress?

Other self-hosted websites are also vulnerable to hacking. I can help with maintenance for those too. Please contact me for a custom quote.