Website Support

Cutting through the tech jargon so you can move forward

I work with all levels of tech expertise and interest. While some clients just ask me to fix an issue, others want to do as much of their own website work as possible in order to "own tech" or to keep out-of-pocket costs low.

I support the DIYer in 3 main ways:

General information

Helping you think through the many tech questions that arise when you own a website, wading through the tech jargon, and arriving at answers according to your own goals and interests:

  • Hosted or self-hosted?
  • Email? Where to set it up? How many accounts? How do you deal with spam?
  • Do you want a mailing list?
  • What's a domain registration?
  • How do you want site visitors to contact you?
  • Is your target audience local or national or international?
  • Do you want to sell anything online? Does it require a shopping cart? Does it require a merchant account? How do you handle shipping?

Custom setup

When you've identified what you want to do, but you also recognize that task is beyond your skills or interest, I can help with a custom setup. For example:

  • Making changes in the DNS
  • Setting up integration with other software, for example, donor management software or mailing lists
  • Identifying bad links on your website
  • Cleaning up content to prevent the dreaded "INSECURE WEBSITE" warning that some browsers display

Training and documentation

Training helps you learn how to make website changes. We can do training sessions over Zoom or via phone and screen sharing.

Some website tasks occur infrequently and it's easy to forgot how to do them. For a quick reminder when needed, I can provide documentation with step-by-step guidance customized for you and your website.